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acid jazz, ae, ambient, ambient house, ambient psy, ambient techno, ambient trance, amon tobin, aphex twin, artificial intelligence, atmospheric dnb, autechre, biosphere, black dog, bola, breaks, broadcast, brothomstates, cafe, cevin key, chill-out, chillout, coil, dark ambient, dark electro, darkwave, deep house, delerium, depeche mode, dom & roland, downbeat, downtempo, drum & bass, drum and bass, dub, easy listening, ebm, einsturzende neubauten, electro-pop, electroclash, electronic, electronic body music, electronic music, electronica, erotic, ethereal, experimental, experimental music, fashion, fizzarum, freeform, front line assembly, future sound of london, gak, gescom, glitch, good music, haujobb, hefty records, honest music, i.d.m., idm, illbient, indietronica, industrial, industrial music, intelligent dance music, leftfield, lfo, liquid funk, lounge, love songs, luke vibert, meat beat manifesto, mike & rich, minimal techno, minimalist techno, mira calix, modern rock, mood music, morr music, mouse on mars, music, musicals/broadway, muslimgauze, new age, new order, night, nightmares on wax, ninja tune, nu jazz, nujazz, orbital, peel session, phonem, photek, plaid, polygon window, polygraphy, pop music, post-rock, prefuse 73, push button objects, queen, red snapper, relax, rephlex, rephlex records, retro, richard d james, richard d. james, sabres of paradise, savath&savalas, seefeel, sexual, skam, skam records, sleep, soft rock, soulful, speedy j, squarepusher, style, the black dog, the orb, the sabres of paradise, trip hop, two lone swordsman, two lone swordsmen, underground music, underworld, web-design, world domination, worldbeat, вим вендерс, кино, музыка, экспериментальная электронная музыка

Social capital

  • less than 10